Biopuro - The Sure Clean Brand

Biopuro - The Sure Clean Brand

Biopuro is an effective and modern line of detergents suitable for household cleaning and laundry. Each formulation is designed to attain maximum results by using a minimum amount of product.

The Biopuro line of detergents are certified organic according to the AIAB regulatory body (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture): This ensures raw vegetable and organic materials are used for fast, easy and complete biodegradability, and in turn healthy and safe products for all who use it. Animal derived ingredients are excluded from the formulation of these products, making them cruelty-free. 

Biopuro is 

  • vegan
  • allergy-free
  • dermatologically tested
  • tested for nickel, chromium and colbalt (the presence of heavy metals in the products that we use are an increasingly common cause of allergies and dermatitis).

Not only is attention paid to the herbal composition of these products, but also the containers that they are packed in: all bottled containers are made from innovative organic plastic derived from renewable and herbal sugar cane. Unlike conventional plastics, the organic plastic is not made from crude oil instead it is composed of ethanol which is derived from sugar cane. The result is a material with the same technical properties and appearance as polyethylene but possesses additional benefits:

  1. It is sustainable: The sugar cane used for the production of organic plastic stems from agricultural operations that fulfill the highest sustainability standards. The operations are approved by Bonsucro, an international, non-profit organization that monitors the conservation of diversity, protection of water resources and social equality of the employee.
  2. It is renewable: The organic plastic made from ethanol stems from sugar cane that is produced in Brazil without any GMO additives. It is a renewable raw material. 
  3. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions: Sugar cane bonds with CO2 during each growth cycle, which helps to limit greenhouse gases.
  4. It is 100% recyclable: This organic plastic can be recycled much like traditional plastics derived from crude oil. Meaning: Less CO2 emissions and consumption of resources, more sustainability, same quality. 

What are you waiting for? Have a closer loos at the sustainable BioPuro products in store and get your spring cleaning done the eco-friendly way.