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Here you will find all the relevant information for contacting our Customer Service Team.

Please note: our Customer Service is unavailable at weekends and on Austrian Public Holidays.

Product Suggestions & Feedback

We are open to all suggestions and feedback that our customers have to offer, whether in relation to our product assortment or how to improve our Customer Service. Simply send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ecosplendo Physical Stores in my City

Regretfully, Ecosplendo is solely an e-commerce, thus we are only available online. 

Purchasing Items as a Reseller/Distributor

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any wholesale prices. The products that are listed in our online shop is directed toward the end consumer. 

Product Listed at a Lower Price in a Different Store

Please report any product prices found listed at lower rates to our Customer Service Team. Also include the name of the source, item number and price listed, as well as the item number and price listed in our shop for review.

Printed Catalogue Availability?

Unfortunately, Ecosplendo does not have a printed catalogue. We continuously add new products and brands to our assortment, making it near to impossible to keep a printed catalogue up-to-date.

All our available products can be viewed online.

Questions & Answers

Our website allows you to ask questions about a product or respond to questions left by other customers on the product pages. Only registered customers can ask or answer questions. Please follow these guidelines when asking or responding to questions:

  • Questions and answers should only centre around the product at hand.
  • The questions and answers' section must be limited to enquiries and responses concerning the product displayed on the product page. Please contact our Customer Service Team if you have any questions regarding an order.
  • List specific details so that the question is easy to understand and so that you get better feedback.
  • Keep in mind that the purpose of the FAQ's section is to answer specific, product-related questions that could be useful to others.

We reserve the right to block or delete a question or answer.

To give us feedback about our product selection or ask questions about pricing, order processing, or customer service, please contact our Customer Service Team directly as our Customer Service staff does not have access to this platform. Questions sent to our Customer Service email address will be answered as quickly as possible.