Everyone Makes (Cleaning) Mistakes - Tips For Professionals & Cleaning Averse

Everyone Makes (Cleaning) Mistakes - Tips For Professionals & Cleaning Averse

Keeping your own four walls clean and tidy is not always that easy, especially when there is a lack of time, routine and the right knowledge. Regardless of whether you have moved into your own apartment for the first time or are an experienced cleaning ace, even self-proclaimed cleaning professionals will learn something with the following tips:

Tip #1: The right order
Always start by wiping down the surfaces and tables, then vacuum, so you can be sure to collect all the crumbs and dust that have fallen from the surfaces
A good reminder is here: Clean from top to bottom!

Tip #2: S is for shine
At first glance, this trick might sound a bit amusing, but using the right wiping technique will save you a lot of effort and time. With the typical “left-to-right movement”, dirt particles are distributed rather than removed, a curved S-shape is more effective - you will save yourself repeated cleaning! :-)

Tip #3: Bacteria don't take a break!
We've all experienced the quick after-dinner clean-up: you scrub the dishes in seconds, wipe the table and clean the stove before you go to your well-deserved end of work in front of the TV. For the sake of convenience, only one sponge is used for everything, which then ends up in the sink and stays there overnight...
But watch out! Just as there are different cleaners for different surfaces and objects, you should also find a system for sponges and cloths. Use a separate cloth for each room and prevent bacteria and germs from spreading throughout the apartment!
Important! The combination of leftover food and moisture creates a particularly nutritious soil for bacteria, which not only leads to a disgusting smell, but in the worst case even causes sickness. Don't let germs stand a chance, wash your cleaning utensils regularly (at least once a week) at a minimum of 60°C in the washing machine or in the dishwasher!

Tip #4: Eeewww - what stinks in here?
Not everything that glitters is gold (or clean)! Because even if the laundry or the dishes appear to be spotless, bad-smelling germs can still grow. So remember: Even supposedly clean appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers should be cleaned regularly! Maybe you remember our last blog post about citric acid? In that article you will find out how to get household appliances really clean again easily, quickly and inexpensively.
Speaking of devices: the vacuum cleaner is a popular cleaning tool, but a lot of dirt also collects on and in the device. Instead of whirling up and spreading the old dust around the apartment, simply clean the housing and the filter with a microfibre cloth!

Tip #5: Large and small spoons
It is myth that has been passed on for generations that cutlery should be placed facing up in the dishwasher. This instruction is quite logical so that the prongs of the forks do not get caught or bend. However, knives and spoons should be placed in alternating order to avoid them falling together so that no leftovers are left behind and your dishes will remain sparkling!

Tip #6: Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Cleaning mirrors and windows is not necessarily one of the most popular to-dos on the list, because even if some cleaning agent manufacturers guarantee a “streak-free result”, there are always a few streaks on the glass and cleaning becomes a hopeless task, so what's the point really?
Well, let us help you out! The best time to clean windows is in the late afternoon or evening and when the temperature is below 20°C. The reason for this is when the sun shines, the glass panes are heated and the moisture from the water and cleaning agent evaporates faster than you can wipe them dry.

Tip #7: Toilet, bathroom, potty…
Whatever you want to call it, this is often the most feared area when it comes to cleaning. (Nevermind the fact that there are often far more bacteria on some door handles, refrigerators or PC keyboards...)*
When it comes to toilet cleaning, here are some useful tips:
- Do not put the toilet brush in the holder immediately after cleaning, but let it dry briefly so germs cannot multiply and there is no unpleasant odour. Remember to replace the brush regularly!
- Close the toilet lid when flushing! Due to the water flow, droplets with bacteria can get into the air unnoticed and settle in hygiene items such as toothbrushes, hair combs, etc. Yuck!

*With an average of 3,000 bacteria per 1 square centimetre, the toilet seat ranks behind refrigerators (approx. 11,000), door handles and light switches (approx. 7,000), cutting boards (approx. 6,000) and mobile phones and PC keyboards (approx. 4,000).

Tip #8: Dogs
Man's best and furriest friend also leaves its mark on the floor and couch. In order not to spread the fine hairs all over the place, it is advisable to first sweep up with a broom and then use an upholstery attachment for vacuum cleaning - also for the floor.

Tip: Read the cleaning instructions!
Be it a new bookshelf, your favourite cuddly chair or recently purchased equipment - after successful assembly or installation, the enclosed instructions for use are usually disposed of immediately. But wait! Before the instructions end up in the paper waste, take a picture of them or write down the cleaning tips to save yourself experimental and time-consuming cleaning adventures and enjoy efficiency and a little more flexibility in your wallet.

So you see, cleaning is also a science of its own - take our advice to heart and who knows, maybe you'll find cleanliness a little more enjoyable!