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All the eco-friendly laundry agents and special treatments by Sonett carry the NCP (Nature-Care-Product) certification and are formulated according to Sonett's quality standard. All Sonett products are certified by the Vegan Society with the exception of the Wool Care treatment, liquid Gall Soap and solid Gall Soap.

Sonett detergents are eco-friendly and deliver excellent cleaning action for all kinds of fabrics. The range also includes sensitive products that are suitable for allergy sufferers. Special treatments, such as stain removers, bleach, fabric softeners and gall soap, also form part of the range. The surfactants used stem from plants and mineral raw ingredients. The formulas are free from enzymes and nanotechnology. No genetic engineering was involved when manufacturing the products. All Sonett detergents are well tolerated by the skin. Only natural essential oils are used to give the detergents their wonderful scent and are sourced from 100% controlled organic cultivation.